Friday, 14 September 2012

B-movie? Nah, it's more like F+ to me...

In history of martial arts movies many titles were close to the definition "bad", but only few made it into Hall of Fame, being the cream of the top in worse to awuful filmmaking. Unfortunately such underwater mines can't be detected by simply watching the trailer, so you just have to sit and "enjoy" the full length of medieval acting, combined with lousy production values, ugly actors, plot as simple as drawing a line and last but not least - unique blend of idiotic martial arts choreography only surpassed by the idiotic dialog.
This is something tough to achieve, even in the martial arts department, however the movie reviewed here managed to complete all of the above 100%. A rare gem indeed.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

A dream came true - my trip to China

To all my foreign readers - regretfully I must put this next article in Bulgarian language only, as my vocabulary is not capable of expressing my emotions on such large scale, maybe in future I'll manage to contemplate an English version of it. Part of this exists here under the title "Once upon a time in Foshan". Accept my sincere apologies.

Bulgarian version

 Първо бих искал да спомена, че мечтата ми да отида в Китай се зароди някъде около 15-та ми годишнина (когато пък прохождах в света на филмите с бойни изкуства) и когато 2007 ми предложиха да работя там едва не ударих главата си в тавана на офиса от радост, изумление и прочие колоритни емоции, съпътстващи такова предложение.

На китайска сватба - исках да кумувам, но вместо това хванах жартиера.