Tuesday, 31 May 2011

One look at my cinema affections... Or something like it...

As I was browsing in different blogs, searching for something interesting, I came across a nicely done article in Operation Kino blog - a blog which is written by highly sklilful people, dedicated to the world of cinematic experiences and delivering quality materials for all fans. 

So, there I found one article, which was shaped as Q&A subject with some truly imaginative cinema questions. I've already gave my comments and answers (the Bulgarian readers my found them in the second part of this article), however I wanted to prepare a different set of answers related only towards the world of martial arts movies. 

And there it is - my ultimate view over my favorite genre - behold its mighty stance!

1. A film from my past – basically a few titles I remember from my youth and their influence was enormous – Shaolin Temple, The Undaunted Wudang & Hong Kil Dong (1986) - clearly these were the movies for which you had to buy tickets in advance at least few days before the actual screening - it was a cinema phenomenon all over Bulgaria in the early '80's.
2. Favorite movie ever – way too many, however the closest example to that description is Drunken Master - a classic which still is unsurpassed in my mind.
3. Film which makes you cry – I do not allow myself such burst of emotions very often, but Ocean Heaven changed all that - four times I felt my tears go by as the movie progress.
4. The funniest movie you've ever seenJust another pandora's box was a movie on which I cried from laughter and got muscle fever on my belly muscles and other two are Kung fu Hustle & Shaolin Soccer - all getting my seal of laugh approval.
5. The scarriest movie ever seen – I can not think of any such title in the martial arts movies world
6. Favorite animation - in the world of martial arts I haven't found the right title, maybe Shadow skill & Ninja Scroll.
7. Film, which no one think that you might like - and that's the Indian movie called Dabangg - plenty of copy-paste, but outrageously funny and the final fight is probably 99% the same as the one in Flash Point.
8. A movie with a favorite actor - too many indeed, however God of Gamblers is one fine example.
9. Film with a favorite actress - not too many, but Royal Warriors aka In the Line of Duty with Michelle Yeoh is pretty good.
10. A movie with an actor, which you can't stand - Ninja in the Dragon's den - wonderful movie, but Conan Lee is one cheeky bastard...
11. A movie with an actress, which you can't stand - in the martial arts world, there is no such actress or movie (for me), so I'll leave this question without answer.
12. A movie, where you can quote all lines - that would be Rush Hour, and a few without any martial arts basis whatsoever :)
13. The most boring movie ever seen – Let the hate begins - Choy Li Fut, Medallion, Accidental Spy, Legend of Chen Zhen, Legend of the wolf, City Hunter, New legend of Shaolin, Flying Daggers, The Promise, Kung Fu Wing Chun, Bulletproof Monk, Moon Warriors, License to steal and many, many more.
14. A movie which you never wanted to see – it's not a movie, but most of the wu xia movies are a real pain in the ass for me... And when the flying gets really airborne I wish that they were used in WWII...
15. A movie which you couldn't finish – mostly I finish each movie when started, however some of them I prefer to watch in fast forward mode instead to trouble my eyes and brain - the last example is Legend if Chen Zhen...
16. A movie supposed to be sad, but it is not – I would rather go for the description "a movie which tries to be serious, but instead it is tedious" - Police Story 2
17. A film which you think it is overestimatedLegend of the Wolf, Zu: Warriors from the Magic mountain, Hero of Swallow, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and few more.
18. A film which you think is underestimatedOn the run, The Iceman Cometh, The Myth, Dirty Tiger, Crazy Frog; Magic Cop :)
19. A movie which describes your characterDrunken Master all the way.
20. A movie seen countless timeProject A – after the 65th time I stopped counting.
21. A movie which you are ashamed to say that you like – the so called guilty pleasures - The Forbidden Kingdom, The house of Fury, Dragon Tiger Gate - I know they are full of crap, but I still like them.
22. A movie with a favorite soundtrackOnce upon a time in China, Ip Man, Fearless, Crouching Tiger, HIdden Dragon.
23. Favorite romantic stroy in movie – I'm not much into romance myslef, but I must admit the relationship between Maggie Chung & Yuen Biao in The Iceman Cometh was something really nice to watch.
24. The most hideous movie suggested by friendThe Promise - I still haven't find this "friend" so I could thank him :)
25. A movie with best twist – I would use "ending" - Spooky Encounters - it was WTF all the way, but immencely funny though.
26. A movie which you don't understand – I didn't quite get the purpose of the third installment in the OUATIC trilogy - pointless for me, oh and the so called "genius" in CTHD...
27. The most beautiful movie – surprisingly for me, here I would put a pure wu xia movie, one with real quality - Hero, where the dance between colours and angles and cinematic sequences was on a very high level.
28. Favorite old movieFive Superfighters - one of the first I saw and it is simply perfect for me.

That's the end of the quiz show - sorry for the obvious delay in my blog, but apparently my lazyness is something really special :) 

I await your answers in the comments - be well ;) 

А сега предоставям на БГ читателите си пълния вариант на отговорите ми, без съкращения и с напълно различни представители на повечето въпроси :) 

1. Филм от детството тиМанастира ШаоЛин, Непобедимите от Удан, Хон Гил Дон – дърти до немай къде, но те бяха запомнени, после дойдоха Уилоу, Star Wars & Indiana Jones.
2. Най-любим филм – прекалено много са – няма как да дам еднозначен отговор, но мисля че Пияният Майстор от ‘78 се класира близо до това определение.
3. Филм, който те е разплакал – Рядко позволявам на съзлите да си текат по лицето ми, но на Ocean Heaven не успях да ги задържа…
4. Най-смешният филм, който си гледал – ами те са няколко – Life of Brian & Monty Python and the Holy Grail, са само няколко от тях – тук бих добавил и Just another pandora’s box :)
5. Най-страшният филм, който си гледал – Преди беше втората част на Злите Мъртви, но после не намерих филм който да ме е стресирал по някакъв по-особен начин, но си признавам, че на Бял Шум въздействието беше много голямо ;)
6. Любим рисуван филмAkira, NInja Scroll, Patlabor, My neighbour Totoro :)
7. Филм, който никой не очаква, че харесвашDabangg – индийска простотия, но беше добре направена простотия :)
8. Филм с любим актьор – много са любимите актьори, но бих казал, че God of Gamblers с Чоу Юн Фат е един от тях.
9. Филм с любима актрисаRoyal Warrirors aka In the line of duty с Мишел Йо.
10. Филм с актьор, който не понасяш – И трите, опа - двата епизода на Star Wars с Хейдън – това недоразумение не трябваше да се случва…
11. Филм с актриса, която не понасяш – всичко с Доли Партън и Барбара Стрейзанд.
12. Филм, от който можеш да цитираш всяка репликаStar Wars, Indiana Jones trilogy, Rush Hour, The Matrix, Dirty Dozen.
13. Най-несправедливо спечелилият Оскар филм – може би Ани Хол през ‘77 година, когато на небосклона се появи Star Wars и през ‘95, когато Pulp Fiction & Shawshank Redemption бяха за мен доста по-добри от инфантилната история за Форест Гъмп…
14. Най-скучният филм, който си гледал – Доста са и тук, от последните представители I am number four, Корабокрушенецът, и куп други…
15. Филм, който никога не искаш да гледаш – Не мога да дам само един отговор, но бих казал, че романтичните драми са ми трудно преглъщаеми.
16. Филм, който така и не успя да догледаш – доглеждам ги понякога с големи мъки, но го правя с ясното съзнание, че после ще мога хубаво да си ги нахейтя :)
17. Филм, който се предполага, че е тъжен, но не е – Ами Титаник – много се смях на това грандиозно представление :)
18. Филм, който смяташ, че е надценен – Не намирам нищо толкова уникално в трилогията Кръстникът, така и не успях да схвана гениалността му… А, да и Аватар
19. Филм, който смяташ, че е подценен – Не се сещам.
20. Филм, който описва характера ти – ами може би Пея под дъжда – жизнерадостно музикално изживяване за мен :)
21. Филм, който си гледал безброй пътиProject A – след 65-я път спрях да ги броя :)
22. Филм, който те е срам да кажеш, че харесваш – признавам си, че поставените в графата “детски филми” от повечето мои приятели, т. нар martial arts movies ме кефят неимоверно много – хич не ме срам даже :)
23. Филм с любим саундтракMortal Kombat 1&2, Judgement Night
24. Любим филм, правен по книгаLord of the Rings trilogy
25. Любима романтична история във филм – No comment.
26. Най-ужасният филм, препоръчан от приятел – Не е толкова ужасен, колкото тъп – Сезонът на вещиците се оказа точно такова…
27. Филм с най-добър туист – Ще повторя някои заглавия на г-н Дринов – Шесто Чувство, Обичайните заподозрени, но ще добавя и Неуязвимият :)
28. Филм, който не разбираш – не точно, че не разбрах, но трябва да го гледам още няколко пъти, за да схвана идеята – Inception.
29. Най-красив филмHero – играта на цветовете и камерата беше много високо ;)
30. Любим стар филмThe Good, The Bad and the Ugly – вече не правят такива филми за жалост :)

Ами май това е засега - да се надяваме, че следващия материал няма да бъде написан догодина :) 

Поздрави и умната.


  1. Well, of the movies, you mentioned, I do not even know a quarter XD, but it shows me your passion to this kind of films and besides, it's a pretty good idea/inspiration for me :). Maybe I'll post this on my blog, too.

    "Favorite movie - Drunken master & A movie which describes your character – Drunken Master" Well... that says everything to me, if you know, what I mean. XDD

    "A movie seen countless time – Project A – after the 65th time I stopped counting." - HA! You can't beat me! :D Do you know Transformers? I watched this movie exactly 183 times in full length XD. I'm so addicted to this, I know every single spoken word of the script XDDD.

    Seriously, very interesting and nicely done m8 :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing new stuff from you ;D
    Greeeeetz, Sandra

  2. Dear Sandra, thank you very much for the comment - I'll make sure to post some more interesting articles here, but now my time is limited - I have to work you know :)

    But keep an eye on this blog - soon I'll unleash the hater in me and present my first negative review here :)